This is Scrap4fun in Haugesund

Scrap4fun was born a cold snowy February night in 2012 in a van on it's way back home after a scrapbooking event.  We had had such a good time and decided that we wanted to do something similar here in Haugesund.  From there, everything happened very fast.  Six weeks later we had our first crop.  We chose to start with only one day, just to check out if it would work. And it did!
Already in September 2012, we had our first two-days crop.
March 2015 it was time for our first whole weekend crop (Friday evening, Saturday + Sunday). 
Now we arrange crops twice a year, the first or second weekend in March
and the first weekend i November.

Kvalatun 2012
Gamle Slaktehuset 2013
Bleikemyr 2014
Kolnes 2015

The members of the organizing committee are Jorunn Elin, Liv Hilde, Berit, Trude-Julie and Mani.  We are five very different ladies, five different scrappers and we have at least five different opinions. But the most important thing we all do agree about: We love scrapbooking, we love crops and we love to bring people together to enjoy this fantastic hobby!  We all agree that it doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an avid scrapbooker, if you make cards, layouts, Project Life or whatever - 
you are all very welcome to Scrap4fun crops.

Welcome to Scrap4fun in Haugesund!